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Accessing your iCloud Photostream on a Mac

iCloud’s Photostream feature is neat. All the photographs and screen grabs I take with my iPhone or iPad are shared between the devices automatically. But getting to them on the Mac is more complicated, and if you’re approaching it from a pure product perspective it appears that you have no choice but to use iPhoto to get to the images on a Mac. Turns out this isn’t true. Hunting for options, I found a Mac OSX Hints thread about finding the underlying iCloud sync location on disc, and automatically copying the files elsewhere so you can use them in Finder, or import into some other app. Read that thread if you like, but the most useful comment is the last one, by Joh:

Just use a saved search in Finder

A few nice ideas here, but the most simple way to get easily at your Photo Stream without iPhoto is to create a smart folder (saved search) in Finder with kind JPEG in the assets/sub folder. Easily accessible from the side bar, with preview icons and everything. You can even set sorting order and display type there and it will stick.

To extrapolate that into a handy step-by-step, here’s how to get your Photostream in Finder:

  1. Open Finder, hit ⌘⇧G, or hit Go: Go To Folder…
  2. Enter ~/Library/Application Support/iLifeAssetManagement/assets/sub. Hit Enter.

  1. Now that you’re in the right place, hit ⌘F to open the search interface. You don’t need to enter a search term.
  2. Make sure that the search is focused on “sub”, and not “This Mac”, and then in the first Smart Search option, from the three drop-downs choose Kind is Image JPEG.
  3. Now you’re seeing all your Photostream photos.
  4. Hit Save in the search interface, save the search as a Smart Folder in your Pictures directory, or wherever you like. You can now use this folder to access Photostream without importing into iPhoto first, and can use it to import into other apps such as Lightroom.

You can repeat the process, but choose a file type of PNG instead of JPEG, and create an equivalent Smart Folder for iOS screen grabs.


Just reorganized my first homescreen. Ben Brooks had a nice blogpost ( http://brooksreview.net/2012/10/5-homscreen-organization/ ) about that. – View on Path.


(via Apple iPhone 5 WITHOUT cases - Holder with Tilt Swivel - ProClip Car Mounts for Mobile Phones, Tablet, and Handheld Devices)

Mine arrived yesterday. The first Proclip. It’s awesome!
Fits like a glove, no vibrations.
The two parts are easily put together.
Love it.

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10 Cool iPhone 5 cases featuring New York City photography

I am really excited to announce this here. I have had an extensive collection of iPhone cases that I created for earlier and current iPhone models and I received a lot of inquiries into whether I would be creating iPhone 5 cases once they were announced.

The good news is that I have created a collection of iPhone 5 cases and they are available for purchase! All of these iPhone 5 cases feature my unique New York City photography and I took great pains to include some of my more popular photos in this collection.

The 10 iPhone 5 cases shown in this post are some of my favorites. Here they are listed by the order in which they appear above:

Flatiron Building iPhone 5 case

Fairytale iPhone 5 case

Brooklyn Bridge iPhone 5 case

New York City skyline iPhone 5 case

Chrysler Building iPhone 5 case

Cherry Blossoms iPhone 5 case

Urban Decay iPhone 5 case

Autumn iPhone 5 case

Central Park Winter iPhone 5 case

Empire State Building iPhone 5 case

You can find a nice selection of around 50 iPhone 5 cases on this page I put up this past weekend to give people an idea of the iPhone cases that I have in the collection so far:

iPhone 5 Cases With New York Photos

Clicking on each case on this page will take you to its spot in my store and there are links on the page to view the entire collection as well (I think I have around 70 designs up so far!).

Enjoy :).


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Reasons to never stop drinking coffee.

praise jesus.

All I needed to hear.

highlyrelevant to my interests

now if someone would just make infographics for why cheese, bad tv and pining after dudes you should steer clear of is good for you…

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